The Time is Now

Updated: May 4, 2021

As many of you know, I have a passion for helping and serving the people of Texas. It is in my blood, I want to help the citizens of Texas live life to the fullest and achieve their vision of the American Dream. As a small business woman, nurse, and former gubernatorial appointee and state commissioner of the Texas Holocaust & Genocide Commission and an advisory council cabinet member of Governor Rick Perry and Greg Abbott, I have had the privilege to help my fellow Texans. Now, I have been called to serve the people again. I am running for Congress in district 23. Please contribute to my campaign now.

My opponent who has been in office for two weeks has already failed the citizens of the 23rd district by not standing up for election integrity. He did not vote against the electoral certification. We know that voter fraud was committed in the presidential race. My opponent should have advocated for open and honest elections for the registered voters in the 23rd district but he did not. If he failed at something so vital to our republic and election process, what other issues will he take the easy way out and ignore? I am asking you to consider contributing what you can today, so we may have a representative that is true to our conservative American values and is not afraid to stand up for honest and lawful elections for the people of Texas! The time to act is now! Sincerely, Alia Garcia Republican Candidate for CD TX 23

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