H.R.1 is an Unconstitutional Power Grab for the Democrats

Speaker Pelosi’s number one priority is to turn the United States into a one party country ruled

by democrats. She will accomplish this through H.R.1

· The bill eliminates state voting laws and forces all states to conform to a set of federal voting rules.

· H.R.1 eradicates voter identification.

· Anyone can show up and vote on Election Day, registered or not and sign a form stating that they are a legal voter in order to vote.

· H.R.1 also allows minors and felons to vote.

· The bill requires states to send out absentee or mail in ballots universally. It also forces states to count ballots that arrive by mail as late as 10 days.

· It legalizes ballot harvesting.

H.R.1 trashes the Constitution. However, you would expect this type of bill from Nancy Pelosi. It blatantly attempts to alter the election rules to benefit the democrats. Hopefully, the Senate will rise to the challenge and defend honest and fair elections which is the foundation of our freedom and country.

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