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Learn more about Alia and her vision for the world. Here you will find all the information you need surrounding the political concerns Alia is addressing, as well as key policies that Alia Ureste fights to uphold. As our society is ever-changing, so are political issues and the need to amend governmental policies. Stay tuned here.

Stopping Illegal Immigration

We are a country created and built on immigrants. The United States welcomes all immigrants, but it must be done through legal means. Illegal immigration is a threat to our national security.  Migration, specifically along  our southern border, is a point of entry for drug smuggling and human trafficking and must end. Alia Ureste will work in Congress to establish policies that will stop illegal immigration into our country and will advocate for the completion of the border wall to deter illegal immigration at our southern border . 

Preserving Our Second Amendment Rights

The right to defend oneself and their family is a human right. We were born with this right, it was not given to us by the government.  As the Representative for congressional district 23, Alia Ureste, will work hard to ensure our second amendment rights are protected under the law, according to the Constitution.  Alia will also work tirelessly to fight unnecessary gun regulation for law abiding American citizens. 

Protecting Life

Alia Ureste is a staunch defender of life. All human life is precious and equal in the eyes of G-d . Abortion stops a beating heart and we must give a voice and protect the innocent life that cannot defend themselves. Alia opposes the use of abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother’s life is in danger.

Supporting Our Greatest Ally

The United States is founded on Judeo - Christian beliefs. We have strong ties to Israel due to our common beliefs and values. Israel is the only free standing democracy in the region, with many enemies, like Iran, who want to destroy it. We must protect and defend our greatest ally, Israel. 

National Debt

Our national debt is over $27 trillion,  which includes debt held by the public as well as other government accounts. This is one of our greatest national security threats. We must stop our reckless spending now. Our future and future generations of Americans depend on it. When elected to office, Alia Ureste  will support a balanced budget amendment that will reign in spending if Congress fails to maintain a balanced budget. 

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Election Integrity 

Election integrity is vital to our election process and our republic.  We know massive voter fraud was committed in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.  Alia Ureste will work to ensure a free, honest and lawful election for all registered voters in the 23rd congressional district.

American Energy

The American energy sector creates new opportunities for innovation and jobs. Texas is at the heart of the American energy industry and Alia Ureste wants to keep it that way. As a small business woman in the energy sector, Alia will work hard to keep good paying energy jobs in Texas while expanding opportunities for new innovations to keep Texas at the forefront of the energy industry.

Personal Freedom

Personal freedom is the cornerstone of being an American.  Government and society function best when the U.S. Constitution is followed.  Personal freedom is greater when government is limited and nonintrusive.  Alia Ureste will champion legislation that will protect and defend your personal freedoms and allow Americans  to pursue the American Dream without unconstitutional government interference.

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Supporting Veterans 

Our veterans and their families have made the utmost sacrifice to keep our nation free and out of harm's way. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the brave men and women who have served our great nation. We can do better for them as a nation. Alia Ureste will work to make the VA more efficient, effective and accountable.

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Alia Ureste believes that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules should be able to achieve their own American Dream . Her economic priorities are straightforward: support measures that put American workers and businesses back at the forefront of our economy to create family-sustaining careers and true wealth creation for our Nation’s legal citizens and residents. . 



Alia will work to create a strong economy for all Americans. 

  • Deregulating governmental bureaucracy  to allow business to thrive 

  • Lowering taxes 

  • Allowing business owners to safely open / reopen and adequately provide for  their families 

  • Making American workers  the priority within the congressional district 23 economy.

  • Bringing jobs back from across the U.S. southern border and China.  

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